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Photo: Ocean Clean Up

The Puget Sound region is an integral part of the global economy, depending heavily on materials for development, exchange and packaging. Our regional economy also reflects typically consumptive lifestyles without consideration of the true societal and ecological costs of material extraction, processing, use and disposal. Advances in chemistry have created safer, more durable materials, but at great cost to human and non-human health and marine ecosystems from toxins, bioaccumulation, and cancer-causing substances. 

 Materials and products are being reinvented to become nutrients or infinitely reusable, making them part of a closed-loop system that eliminates waste. New materials are removing harmful chemicals to provide safe use at every phase of a product lifespan. Smart material choices can support regenerative outcomes for regional habitats and watersheds.

Solutions in This Sector

Air Pollution Reducing Building Materials

Better Packaging        

Decomposable (Ocean) Plastics

Design for Life Cycle

Non-Leaching Roofing & Cladding  

Permeable Paving

Red List Free Materials

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