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Sector Summary


The maritime industry is part of the vitality of the region’s economy. But it has direct and immediate impacts on water quality and the health of our marine and coastal systems. Vessel operations and abandoned vessels release oil, sewage and chemical pollution. They can also introduce non-native species that harm aquatic ecosystems. Abandoned fishing gear creates the potential for entanglement. Unsustainable marine practices have led to a decline in Puget Sound’s aquatic ecosystems.

A fundamental shift in marine stewardship will support clean and resilient outcomes for the Puget Sound. New approaches, such as marine ecosystems protections, nature-based solutions, and advanced technology, will drive innovation and ensure more positive outcomes for aquatic ecosystems.

Solutions in This Sector

Coastal Guardian Programs

Electric Vehicle (EV) Fueling Stations         

Fix Vessel Leaks, Boat Wash Best Practices

Kelp Aquaculture

Non-Consumption Shellfish Production   

Remove Creosote-Treated Wood

Remove Derelict Fishing Gear

Remove Derelict Vessels

Ship Ballast Water Treatment

Smart Sonar

Sustainable Boat Paints

Zero Discharge Marine Zones & Pump Out Facilities

Zero Vessel Idling

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