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Land Use

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The Pacific Northwest region is growing rapidly, and our economy is booming. That growth, however, is also diminishing available agricultural land, straining natural resources, threatening salmon habitat and enabling risky development for the sake of expediency. Natural habitat, including high-risk and critical areas, is being lost to development without weighing the true costs to the ecosystem, society and climate change resilience.

We need innovative, watershed-scale land-use patterns and programs that protect vital natural habitats and restore degraded lands. These include financial strategies that take into account the monetary benefits of ecosystem services and the reduced risk that comes from protecting areas prone to natural disasters. By harnessing the restorative ability of natural systems, our land use patterns can help promote clean and resilient water outcomes for Puget Sound.

Solutions in This Sector

Beavers Dams  

Dam Removal  

Eelgrass Restoration & Protection      

Floodable Parks & Outdoor Flex Space  

Forest Protection       

Forest Road Decommissioning  

Groundwater Recharge

Industrial Area Source Control  

Mine Tailing Dewatering & Reuse       

Riparian Tree Planting & Stewardship

Septic System Repair & Maintenance

Setback Levees 

Smart Stormwater Pond & Cistern Management     

Soft Shorelines 

Stream Restoration w/Engineered Hyporheic Zone

Sustainable Density & Urban Boundary Management

Voluntary Buyouts    

Vulnerability Analysis for Public Works 

Wildfire-Resilient Forest Management

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