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Sector Summary

Enabling Technologies & Coming Attractions

Technological advances will greatly support our shared goals of a clean and resilient Puget Sound. Data will be at the heart of many of these innovations, such as advanced sensors and data processing tools for wide-spread water quality monitoring on a watershed scale. Emerging technologies can help new sectors turn heavily regulated waste streams into safe, revenue-generating resources. 

Advances in nanotechnology and biodegradable materials will reduce the pollution footprint of the transportation, building and marine sectors. Real-time sensors and new uses of environmental DNA can allow stronger decision support tools and feedback loops tracking environmental response to investment. These enabling technologies and innovations will ensure the success of the solutions in all sectors. 

Solutions in This Sector

​​Advanced Tires   

Autonomous Vehicles      

Coordinated Investment of Public Works

Decision Support Tools Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)    

Drone Data Collection     

Energy & Water Recovery Toilet  

Green Infrastructure Workforce Development

Innovative uses of Environmental DNA (eDNA)    

Intentional Snowpack Management         

Nanotech for Pollution Remediation

Natural Economics & Accounting

Rapid Leak Identification in Pipelines        

Smart Sensors     

Smart Watershed Real-time Control Systems

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Together, we will find ways to solve chronic challenges, decrease the cost of project delivery, and incentivize mainstream adoption. There is massive untapped potential to design new tools for problems that natural resource managers face daily.

We invite you to join us in identifying solutions and promising new technologies. 

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